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Basic Latte

Yield: Single Serving 12 oz


2 teaspoons espresso powder (I use Trader Joe’s 100% Instant Colombian Coffee)

4 oz hot water

8 oz milk, cream, or milk substitute

Optional:  Simple Syrup, Sugar, Sugar substitute, Cinnamon


  1. Mix espresso powder or instant coffee with hot water. Set aside. At this point you would add the sugar, simple syrup, etc.
  2. Heat 8 oz (1 cup) milk
  3. Add milk to a French Press (or shake cold milk in a Mason Jar for an iced latte) and press up and down until the froth to liquid ratio is equal 50/50, about 1 minute.
  4. Pour milk into hot coffee and then spoon over the froth mixture to your liking.
  5. I use a zester/microplane to zest a bit of cinnamon to the froth to make it extra fancy!


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