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“Whatever it is you are searching for…I hope you can eat it.”  – Jessica Tijerina

In-Home Culinary Experience:  

Pasta party, Sushi party, Chocolate party, Appetizer party!  Whatever your imagination can come up with…we will make it happen with Gusto!

Gather your friends for an afternoon or an evening of wild culinary adventures!  I come to you and we learn, cook and eat together. 

What would you like to learn? The world is your oyster.

Knife Skills, Braising, Roasting, Grilling, Sauces and more…

Menu Development and Optimization

Develop a new menu or reformat an old one to best suit the needs of your specific clientele to drive traffic, generate efficiencies and foster a little to no waste kitchen policy.

Event Kitchen Management

Have a large event that needs back of the house organization?  Need help acquiring chefs for on stage food demonstrations?  Need volunteers for such events?  I have experience in kitchen stage management:  Home and Garden Show Minneapolis, Garlic Festival MN

Classes (For up to 20)

What does this mean? Together we decide what the menu will be.

I take it from there and you are free to go about your daily routine until the day I arrive.

I will Plan, Shop, Prep, Set-up, Teach, Serve Full Meal, Provide Recipes, Clean up, Scram.

Sample Menu and Pricing:  Fresh Pasta Class for 8 people = $435

Lessons (From Basic Sauces to Advanced Sushi)

Food Prep and Delivery

Pantry Organization

Do you know how old your spices are?

Newlywed Packages

Keep the fire of love burnin’, but not the food

Saavy and Single

Basic or Advanced from Knives to Gadgets to Technique

Culinary Kids

Get a group of kids together and what do we get? A mess! Good thing I am there to clean up…


Have an idea? Want to find out more information?  Contact me.

Give me a call, send me a text or an email. I would love to hear from you and plan our next get together.