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Salted Maple Honey Caramels

Yield:  Approximately 50 Caramels


1 cup heavy cream

½ stick (4 oz) unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces

¼ teaspoon fine sea salt

1 cup maple syrup

¼ cup water

½ cup honey

½ cup packed light brown sugar (may substitute honey)

1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

Flaky sea salt (Maldon if you have it)

Vegetable oil spray

Parchment paper


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper to slightly go over the edge. Spray with vegetable oil.
  2. Pour cream, butter and salt into a small saucepan and melt over low heat and set aside.
  3. In a large pot, combine maple syrup, 1/4 cup water, honey and sugar.
  4. Clip on candy thermometer.
  5. Over high heat, cook until well combined, stirring with a wooden spoon, 8-12 minutes.
  6. Brush down sides of pan with a very clean pastry brush dipped in warm water as needed.
  7. Stop stirring, reduce heat to medium, and bring to a boil.
  8. Cook, without stirring, until temperature reaches 250º (hard-ball stage), about 45 minutes.
  9. Turn off heat and whisk in butter mixture, until combined and then stop whisking. It will double or triple in size.
  10. Turn heat back on medium-high until thermometer reaches 244-250º (firm-ball stage or hard-ball stage), 45-55 minutes. It will start as a soft buttery yellow and turn into a reddish-caramel color.
  11. Remove from heat and quickly whisk in the vanilla.
  12. Immediately pour into prepared pan without scraping pot.
  13. After it cools slightly, sprinkle with salt.
  14. Let stand uncovered at room temperature for 2-24 hours without moving.
  15. To cut, unmold caramel from pan onto a large cutting board. Use a sharp, sturdy knife to cut into any size you desire. Wrap each in waxed paper.


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