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Women Empowering Women gift set



I launched a spice line in June of 2020.

I knew that I wanted to provide a product for people who wanted to explore their talents in the kitchen.

I knew that I wanted to educate people about food from around the world.

I knew that I wanted to help support other small businesses.

I knew that I wanted to be able to help feed the hungry.

Simple right?

I set out to accomplish at least one.  WE were able to accomplish all.  Incredible!

Below you will find 8 amazing women-owned local businesses who share in my interests, talents, generosity, and ambitious efforts to help one another and make a difference in our own community.

This gift set is $75 + tax and includes shipping.  Wow!

A portion of the proceeds are donated to Provision Community Kitchen where Anna Wienke serves over 700 hot meals each week to those in need.

Donations always welcome.

Thank you for your love and support.

-Jessica, Tami, Angie, Melinda, Dre, Bethany, Ahreum Kim and Anna


The first 20 Women Empowering Women gift sets will contain a “ONE-OF-A-KIND” art card, hand drawn and painted by Anna Wienke, Owner of Provision Community Kitchen.


Tijerina Global Spices

Provision Community Kitchen


Tijerina Global Spices
  • 5 oz Vanilla Masala Chai Latte
  • Recipe for Vanilla Chai Pudding Pie using Gustola Granola® crust
Purple Prairie Organics
  • .15 oz MN Mint Chapstick
  • Free soap sample
Muddy Paws Cheesecake
  • $5 Gift Card
Gustola Granola®
  • 11 oz Almond, Cherry & Coconut Granola
Burnt Sugar
  • 4 London Fog Caramels
Loon Lake Candles, LLC
  • 4 oz Candle (assorted scents)
  • 2 oz Spread (assorted flavors)


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